Our Lady of Guadalupe School will build upon its commitment to preparing our students, families, and teachers to use digital media by encouraging exploration, creativity, and critical thinking while educating all on the pitfalls of cyber-bullying, plagiarism, and loss of privacy. We acknowledge that becoming a good steward of technology starts with education, and in this spirit, we will integrate Common Sense resources with our technology curriculum as it applies to our students, families, and faculty.


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Technology Integration at Our Lady of Guadalupe School:


Most classrooms have a computer projector and Interactive Whiteboard Technology. We have a set of 15 iPads which are used in classrooms to integrate technology and a dedicated computer lab with 23 Dell desktops. The integration of technology is an ongoing priority at Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Our primary focus in Computer Lab is Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship. Our technology curriculum is guided by lessons from Netsmartz and Common Sense Education. These lessons are required by the Archdiocese and continue throughout the year.


In addition, we study grade appropriate lessons from Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and learn other Web 2.0 tools and Apps. Because Core Curriculum (Social Studies, Math, Science, Language Arts, etc.) takes precedence, students are encouraged to also do class assignments and research in the lab.