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Why OLG?

At Our Lady of Guadalupe School, we are committed to providing your students with a quality education, guidance to deepen their faith, and a place to call home.


“My son has grown a lot academically and in values during the years that he has been at OLG. At OLG, the education, values, and family of our children are the most important things.  You always feel like family at OLG.”

-Parent at OLG

“OLG school staff are an outstanding staff. Everyone is very helpful, and I feel a strong unity.  It’s the best thing that has happened to our family.”

-Parent at OLG


"I love the close-knit community. I love how they make you feel like a family, and everyone knows each other!"

-Parent at OLG

 “I love the dedication of all the teachers and staff to all the students and families. They transform the school into a family.”

-Parent at OLG


 "Our Lady of Guadalupe is deeply committed to the kids and families. It offers very strong academics and opportunities for personal and spiritual development. The staff is amazing, too."

-Parent at OLG

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